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A Winter Psalm

The earth is rigid like a corpse,
locked in the snow and ice of this winter day.
Silent and stiff, it lies in state.

The trees are bare,
and the songs of birds have left;
gone too the chanting of insects.
Only the winter wind raises her voice in chilling canticles of praise.

Wrapped in her burial shroud of snow,
the earth patiently awaits the warm touch of your Spirit, O God,
to rouse her from the sleep of death,
calling her to rise and come forth from today's tomb of winter.

I proclaim the mystery of my faith that spring will follow winter,
that life will follow death and that one day
all the tombs of death's white season
will be transformed into the green of spring, who is the sister of your Spirit.

May my trust in the coming of the spring on this cold winter day
be a sign of my faith in the resurrection of all life,
the fullment of your promise that we all will share
in the new life and eternal spring of your son Jesus Christ.

Come, but only in due season, O glorious spring.
And until then, may I live in the promise of your life-giving touch.

Excerpted and adapted from Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim by Edward Hays
Copyright 2008 by Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, IN (all rights reserved)

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