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A Love That Dares to Question

A Love That Dares to Question
Bishop John Heaps
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
April 2002

As the Holy Father speaks of the Christian's relationship to God and to the world as "enduring love," John Heaps focuses that same love toward the Church itself. Heaps served many years as a diocesan priest before retiring in 1992 as Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Sydney, Australia. A Love That Dares to Question attempts to bring a lifetime of pastoral experience into a heartfelt plea for a climate of Scripture-based compassion and common sense in confronting the critical issues that face the Catholic Church today: issues such as the shortage of priests and lack of vocations, legislation on marriage, family life, celibacy and the role of women in the Church.

The book is subtitled "A Bishop Challenges His Church" and there will be some who will immediately dismiss this as the work of an unhappy dissident. But those who take the time to read and prayerfully ponder his words will see in Heaps a shepherd who seeks to guide with Gospel truth, love and integrity.

There are only 120 pages to this short book, but each of the twenty-three chapters express an understanding of the Gospel mission and call to community that goes beyond the rigidity of law and cuts to the more burning issue: the Gospel message is not merely something to be learned, but something "to be chewed over, digested and absorbed into one's being."

A Love That Dares to Question is a book that reminds us once again that is OK to question and to challenge one another to live the Gospel message in the fullest possible way… to ask one another how effectively we are bringing the message of Jesus to today's world. As Heaps states in the very first chapter of his book: "None will lose when love is set loose on the world."

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