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Faith Formation

 Be Bearers of Truth
Refreshing our understanding of what "Catholic identity" means and should look like at Catholic universities - by Father Thomas Berg, Executive Director of the Westchester Institute for Ethics and the Human Person.

 Becoming Catholic - The R.C.I.A Process
A look at the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults - the process of becoming a Catholic - its importance, and the implications to the life of the Church.

 Catholic Education Matters
A young teacher argues that -- first things first -- Catholic education is more important now than it has ever been.

 Catholic Q and A (Catholic Campus Ministry
This website is a forum for college and university students to learn more about the Catholic Church, Scripture, Liturgy, moral questions, and the whole universe of Christian living.

 Catholicism: Who Are We? - What We Believe
A presentation of some of the essential beliefs and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.

 Center for Children and Theology
The spiritual life of Children is the focus of research at the Center for Children and Theology.  It seeks to listen to the voices of children and to explore the theological gifts children have to offer. Reciprocally, the Center seeks the best theology that the community of faith has to offer children today.

 Faith at Home
Explore and enjoy your faith with your kids! Ideas for church seasons, Sundays, and holy days. Tips for playtime, stories, art & craft, family traditions, and lots more. Parenting articles, books and resources, and an ezine.

 Faith Formation Forum
Share your ideas on faith formation at the online bulletin board, Faith Formation Forum. The editors at will screen and post your thoughts, and you can learn from others' ideas.

Official Church documents regarding Religious Education, CCD and Adult Faith Formation

 Organizations and Associations
Organizations and groups offering a variety of services to Religious Educators and catechists in the area of Faith Formation and Parish Ministry.

 Online Resources
Resources, web links and e-groups that can be value to those involved in Religious Education on any level.

Publishing companies specializing in Religious Education curriculum and materials. See also our archive on Catholic Media: Publishers.

 Magazines & Publications
Magazines and Online Newsletters especially focused on Religious Education and Faith Formation.

Resources and sites of interest for Roman Catholic Homeschoolers.

 Web Ministry
Online resources for Catechists, Lay Leadership and Parish educators.

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