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Conclave 2013 - Continuing Coverage
Our special coverage of the resignation of the Holy Father, the upcoming conclave and election of a new Pope. We will continue to update this section as they unfold with relevant articles and information from various resources, as well as links to stories and commentaries around the web and the world.

 "Pope Emeritus" or second Pope?

Italian Catholic periodical, Civiltà Cattolica would prefer to call Benedict XVI “Bishop Emeritus of Rome”. Canonists contest Ratzinger’s choice.

 +Papal Conclave Live

Live coverage of College of Cardinals meetings to elect a new Pope, and of related events in Rome and Vatican City, by La Stampa and journalists and experts.

 A bold step – and an opportunity
Pope Benedict XVI once declared himself a “Mozart man”, because that music contained “the whole tragedy of human existence”. It is possible to im­agine the Pope’s resignation address to the assembled curial cardinals...

 A Final Act of Papal Teaching
His resignation continues this strand of his papacy — a reduction of the office in a way, subordinating it to tradition. His encyclicals were noteworthy for subordinating his own authorial voice to the broad witnesses of the tradition. He continued to write his own theology, but published his Christology with a secular press, scrupulously avoiding assigning magisterial authority to his personal theology.

 A quick course in 'Conclave 101'
People typically ask two kinds of questions about conclaves: those that deal with the event in general and those that pertain to this one specifically -- who the leading candidates are, what the issues seem to be, and so on.

 After Benedict
Changing Expectations for the Papacy Even Benedict's most ardent supporters concede that his papacy has been marred by too many scandals and gaffes. And the courtly secrecy surrounding the deliberations to elect the next pope provides a reminder of the lack of transparency in the operations of the hierarchy.

 Benedict Announces First Papal Resignation in 600 years
The announcement of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI came as a shock around the world. Saying he no longer had the strength to exercise his ministry over the universal church, Pope Benedict XVI announced on Feb. 11 that he would be resigning as of Feb. 28.

 Benedict in America
What was the legacy of the pope's visit? Six of America magazine's writers weighed in.

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