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Benedict XVI

 "Silence and listening are integral elements of communication" in the Twitter era
The Pope has released his message for the 46th World Day of Social Communications which points out that “in fact internet messages are about the same length as biblical verses.” His message praises the web, highlighting its value as an instrument of evangelisation.

 ...What links 2011 to 2012
The Vatican Insider and the director of L’Osservatore Romano look back over the Pope’s endeavours in 2011 - a year which saw Benedict XVI’s visit to many places where he meditated, spoke, prayed and met many people.

 A Chronology of 5 Years
Benedict XVI Already Has Left a Mark on the Church
From In five years, Benedict XVI has marked the Church with the best of his human qualities: his intelligence, sensitivity, simplicity, firmness and discipline.

 A Key To Reading Benedict'S Social Encyclical
Italians have a wonderful phrase, chiave di lettura, which literally means a "key to reading." It refers to some core idea, or perspective, that can help make sense of a complex mass of material. Since Benedict XVI's long-awaited encyclical on the economy is finally set to appear next Tuesday, it seems a good time to float a possible chiave di lettura for the document.

 A Pope for Everyone?
"Pope Benedict XVI, the first elected in the 21st century, takes over leadership of a church that is both deeply troubled and richly blessed. It is a church that, thanks to the long and rigorous ministry of Pope John Paul II, enjoys a stature and visibility in the wider world unprecedented in modern times. It is also a church whose scandals and divisions, deep and destructive, are now known in a way that would have been impossible before the global information age" - the editorial that will run in the April 29 issue of National Catholic Reporter.

 A rare audience with Pope Benedict XVI
The Pontiff seemed energised after his tour of England and Scotland.
IT is not often a journalist is granted a one-to-one audience with the Pope, a global leader surrounded by mystique and usually only glimpsed through the bulletproof glass of the Popemobile or at his official window high above St Peter's Square.

 A Year To Make His Mark
From The Tablet: The new papacy began quietly in 2005. With an encyclical, travel and new red hats, 2006 could be when Benedict XVI stamps his authority on his office - by Robert Mickens.

 Benedict Keeps Focus on Church
Unlike his globetrotting predecessor, this pope is quietly working to reshape the papacy.  Benedict clearly prefers quiet study or the professorial delivery of a homily to the flashy performances before adoring crowds that his predecessor favored.

 Conclave 2013 - Continuing Coverage

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