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John Paul II

 A Tribute to John Paul II
As the Catholic world eagerly anticipates the much-discussed beatification of the late Pope John Paul II, the Vatican has launched a high-tech and interactive tribute website in the late Pontiff's honor. The website is well-done and reflects the Vatican's continued efforts to engage the world in a digital age.

 Abuse crisis fuels debate over John Paul IIs legacy
John Paul II was a rock star of a pope, arguably the most effective ambassador of religious belief in a highly secular age. Yet in the years since his death in April 2005 an undercurrent of doubt and concern has emerged related to his handling of the problem of priestly sex abuse, the most serious crisis to rock Catholicism in centuries.

 Building Block
The Vatican's decision to speed Pope John Paul II on the road to sainthood aroused great elation—and a backlash among Catholics who see the rush as unseemly. There is an obvious remedy that could bring contending Catholics together and send exactly the right message about the church's attitude toward the modern world: It's time to declare Pope John XXIII a saint.

 John Paul II
Our collecion of online resources dealing with the 25 years of John Paul II's pontificate: biographies, writings, commentaries and additional resources.

 John Paul II
A very special site dealing with the Holy Father, created by the folks at Catholic Information Center on the Internet (CICI).
John Paul II

 John Paul II - the Millenial Pope
From PBS's Frontline, an exploration into the character and beliefs of the Holy Father and his fierce challenge to the modern world. Originally published in 1999 this site is worth visiting again as the Holy Father prepares to celebrate 26 years in the papacy.

 John Paul II Beatification Website
The official website on the Cause of Beatification and Canonization John Paul II is now part of the web Portal of the Diocese   of Rome. The site already presents various sections in different languages, which will be gradually widened and completed,  giving visitors from all the world the ability to follow directly the developments of the late pontiff's beatification.

 John Paul II: A Remembrance
A look at the life and legacy of John Paul II, from

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