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Church Reform
Here are external links to progressive church reform groups and organizations, social justice groups and resources, spirituality sources, and other links useful for general research on Vatican II issues.

 2,000 meet to call for reform in Detroit
As the inaugural convention of the American Catholic Council was drawing to a close June 12, an estimated 2,000 reform-minded Catholics stood en masse to endorse a 10-point Catholic Bill of Rights and Responsibilities that asserts primacy of conscience and the right of every Catholic to have a voice in the way the church is run, as well as an obligation to advance the proclamation of the Gospel to the world and the church's social teaching.

 Across U.S., church leaders have been calling for reform
Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Tobin’s criticism of U.S. immigration policy and his condemnation of recent raids reflect the views of Catholic bishops and other religious leaders around the country — and of Pope Benedict XVI, who called for immigration reform in his visit to the United States this spring.

 Apostle of the Second Vatican Council
This site explains the renewal of the Roman Catholic Church, partly as seen through the eyes of Christopher Butler, (1902-86). A major figure, he was the principal English-speaking member of Vatican II. (1962-1965). The site promotes the authentic teachings of the Council and has a wide list of writers: Cardinals, Bishops, theologians, religious, & lay.

 Association for Contemporary Catholic Life
The Association for Contemporary Catholic Life is dedicated to encouraging, inspiring and supporting its members to further the vision and message of God’s Domain as Jesus preached and lived it.

 Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church
To bring about substantive structural change in the Catholic Church, ARCC seeks to institutionalize a collegial understanding of Church in which decision-making is shared and accountability is realized among Catholics of every kind and condition.

 BustedHalo Interview: Timothy Radcliffe, OP
The former Master General of the Dominican Order worldwide discusses freedom, truth, sexuality and healing a polarized Church - Introduction and interview by Bill McGarvey.

 Can You Be Liberal and Catholic?
Many in the media have bought into the idea that there’s only one “official” Catholic voice. Maybe it’s because the jovial Dolan, who’s no longer head of the bishops’ conference but frequently functions as its spokesperson, is right out of central casting’s idea of an old time Irish bishop. Or maybe it’s because dissenting voices are hard to find.

'Creating space for a variety of pastoral responses is not decentralization. It’s a response to the realities in which people live.'

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