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Sermon and Homily Aids

 Children's Sermons and Lessons
From KirShalom, a resource for activities, sermons and reflections geared toward children.
A subscription-based resource for those involved in preaching the Word of God to people of all ages.  Thousands of professionally published sermons, illustrations, children's sermons, worship aids, and dramas.

 Homelitic Resource Center
This is the homepage of Deacon Sil, a one-stop resource site for preachers of the Word.

 Homiletics Online
A powerful online sermon preparation tool that's filled with contemporary material that speaks to today's audiences.

Homiletic service in English and Spanish, based on liberation theology. Free.

 Planning and Preaching the Triduum
A workshop prepared by Rev. Paul Wharton, for the National Pastoral Musician's Convention (NPM) Indianapolis, Indiana

 Preacher's Exchange; A homilist's initial reactions to the readings
Jude Siciliano, OP, an outstanding Dominican homilist, presents his "first thoughts" as he reflects on the following Sunday's scripture readings. Might give a homilist or a discussion group an excellent starting place.

 Preaching in a Vacuum
Why routine feedback on the Sunday homily is essential
In a world of increasingly educated hearers brought up amid democratic discourse, the one-way street of the monologue homily risks becoming a cultural curiosity or an alien, authoritarian symbol. It also seems a far cry from the example of the Word made flesh, who was constantly being asked questions by his hearers and who responded with stories, parables and examples from life

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