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If collegiality is ever going to work effectively and “felicitously” (to use a bit of curia-speak), the church has to elect better bishops than those in the current crop.

 "Liberal" and "Conservative" are not Catholic Terms
When we start using public blogs to defame our brothers and sisters in Christ which is based on a suspicion and not fact, we need to examine how we are living out the Gospel life.

 10 Things The Church Can't Do While Following Jesus
The Christian church is full of Christians, right? Sadly, the answer you'll get to that question is heavily dependent on whom you are asking. Certainly, the church should be full seeking to follow Christ, seeking to follow the teachings of Jesus. [But] there are surprisingly high numbers of people going to church, calling themselves Christians but whose actions run counter to what Jesus taught... we can do better.

 A Place For Renegades
Camden community confronts ‘dark side of the American dream’
A group of twenty-somethings lives in community and explores the "new monasticism," a term that is difficult to precisely define but that roughly describes a search occurring in communities, ironically often of Protestant evangelicals, that have formed with a strong focus on social justice and reforming Christian practice.

 A Reflection on Jesus’s Leadership
What qualities do we look for in a good leader? How can we become better leaders ourselves? Thinking Faith invited Thomas Shufflebotham SJ to guide us in a prayerful reflection on just three of the innumerable qualities of Jesus that any good Christian leader should seek to emulate.

 A theologian-pope sidelines theology
If it's true that only a soldier can fully grasp the horrors of war, perhaps it likewise takes a theologian to appreciate the limits of theology. That may help explain a striking paradox about the papacy of Benedict XVI: He's a true theologian-pope, yet a core element of his legacy will be to sideline theology as the focus of Catholicism's engagement with other religion - from John Allen, National Catholic Reporter.

 A View from the Pew
Peter Keightley of Mount Martha, Victoria attempts to find a new model for participation in the church as he discusses reasons for the rising failure of the hierarchy to address the growing irrelevance of the church for so many at this time.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna, the Vatican's leading investigator on clergy sexual abuse, says accountability for Catholic prelates who mishandle abuse allegations should be discussed at Pope Francis' upcoming February summit.

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