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Role of the Laity

 2 Entrepreneurs Help a Monastery Thrive
At the ringing of a bowl-shaped bell, five monks at a remote monastery congregated in the chapel here for the fourth of their seven daily rounds of prayer, their voices murmuring a Gregorian chant in Latin.  At the same time, in a nearby house on the monastery’s property, the phone was ringing in a small office where two women and an office manager run a multimillion-dollar business that generates the money to run the monastery.

 Association of Pauline Cooperators
A Lay apostolate associated to the institutes of the Pauline Family: evangelization with the modern means of communication; eucharistic prayer and promotion of the liturgy; pastoral animation of the parish; prayer and work for vocations.

 Baptism leads to ministry
Ordinary ministry, like ordinary mysticism, has been a belated discovery for many Catholics, in part because words like ministry and sacrament and pastoral care have seemed only for official church workers. Historically this has protected the vocations of ordained ministers and professed religious as distinct from lay service. It also protected a sacramental theology that imagined the church as a giant spiritual waterworks dispensing grace through spigots controlled by the clergy, who alone could consecrate, absolve, anoint, ordain or witness on behalf of God through the church.  Such elevated notions of official ministry tended to give the impression that only priests, sisters and brothers had a vocation to do God’s work.  This is no longer the case.

 Benedict XVI; Church Needs Change of Mentality
Calls on Laity to Recognize Pastoral Responsibility
Laypeople are not merely the clergy's collaborators, but rather share in the responsibility of the Church's ministry, says Benedict XVI. The Pope called on the laity to become more aware of their role when he inaugurated Tuesday an ecclesial conference for the Diocese of Rome on "Church Membership and Pastoral Co-responsibility."

 Called and Gifted for the Third Millennium
Reflections of the U.S. Catholic Bishops on the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity and the Fifteenth Anniversary of Called and Gifted.

 Catherine of Siena Institute
A program of the Western Dominican Province with the mission of equipping lay Catholics for the New Evangelization of Pope John Paul II. The Holy Father teaches that lay men and women are co-responsible with bishops and priests for the mission of the Church, which is to enable every man and woman to meet the risen Christ.

 Catholic Issues: Our Disappearing Clergy
Mandatory Vs Optional Celibacy for the Priesthood: This is not only a world-wide problem for the hierarchy, but is more importantly a problem for you and me, the laity.

 Catholic Issues: Women in the Church
Down through the millennia in society, and in the Catholic Church which is a microcosm of society, there have been some outstanding women leaders. They have, however, been the exception rather than the rule.

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