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Online Directories

 A Selective Guide to Catholic Resources on the World Wide Web
by John L Gresham MLS PhD Instructor in Catholic Theology Kenrick-Glennon Seminary / Paul VI Catechetical Institute & the Permanent Diaconate Program of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

 About Catholics
The Catholic evangelization site of Jon Jakoblich, from the perspective of the Roman Catholic Church.  Discover the core doctrines of the Catholic faith, how Catholics worship, the call to live faithfully, and the role of prayer.

 Biblioteca Electronica Cristiana
From VE Multimedios, Biblioteca Electronica Cristiana is the largest Spanish language online library of Catholic documents on the Web.

 Canadian Catholic Information Network
This site is about encouraging the Catholic faithful to a deeper understanding of the faith, sharing stories (good and bad), providing support and defense for the faith, and prayer for the Catholic Church in Canada provides a wide service of Roman Catholic websites search.  Created by a webmaster who visits and evaluates web sites, each site is then organized into subject-based categories and sub-categories. The goal is to link as many Catholic websites as possible and to allow them to be found easily.

From Catholic Resources, which hopes to build the most influential Catholic site in Australia through providing a unique range of interactive resources to meet the needs of Australian Catholics and those interested in Christianity.

 Catholic Almanac Online
This is the online version of the Catholic Almanac published by the US newspaper Our Sunday Visitor. It aims to present 'contemporary information on an encyclopedic range of subjects pertaining to the Catholic Church and its activity in the world'.

 Catholic Canada
This site provides Catholics in Canada with on-line apologetic and catechetic documents and articles.

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