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 "Global Suicide Pact"
Why Don’t We Take Climate Change Seriously?
We have a moral responsibility to join together in our communities—universities, hospitals, parishes, dioceses—and communicate to our elected leaders (and to businesses that fund opposition to climate legislation) that we do not intend to be complicit, through silence, in the mass death of human populations and the mass extinction of species.

In a rare display of ecclesial unity, a cross-section of liberal and conservative Catholic publications pushed forward a singular message Thursday: It’s time for the United States to end the use of the death penalty.

A five-person panel examined American life; speakers discussed a nationwide political crisis, the loneliness they've seen on the streets, and what can be regained.

On moral issues, the church must learn from the experiences of baptized people. Discernment strives to discern the true action of the Holy Spirit that involves the experience of people in their daily lives, but also many other aspects as well.

 5 misconceptions about Catholics and abortion
The church's position on sexual health is more nuanced than critics suggest.  What does the Catholic Church really have to say about abortion and birth control? And when the church speaks, do its congregants listen?  Here are five popular misconceptions about the Catholic Church's position on abortion and birth control that might help clear up the terms of engagement.

The message of fifty years of social teaching is that the entire church’s mission is to celebrate God’s gift of peace.

 A Council at Trent
Catholic moralists from over seventy countries are gathering in the city of Trent, the same city in which the Council held 450 years ago decisively shaped the outline of our discipline by creating the field of moral theology for seminary training of future confessors. Since the Second Vatican Council, that field has expanded tremendously in both participants and scope. It now includes not only priests, but also women religious and lay men and women.

 A Culture of Life and the Penalty of Death
Twenty-five years ago, the U.S. Conference of Bishops called for an end to the death penalty. This latest statement is a call to seize a new moment and new momentum. "This is a time to teach clearly, encourage reflection, and call for common action in the Catholic community to bring about an end to the use of the death penalty in the U.S."

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